SoftFaktor - implementation of the factoring services for Aforti Factor S.A.


Aforti Factor S.A. (part of Aforti Holding) is a factoring company that provides services for small and medium business (SME).

To gain new customers and cope with the growing operational requirements regarding factoring services the company has decided to deploy new IT software to handle the factorers.

Future users of the system expected an easy to use and intuitive tool. From the business point of view it was crucial to implement the solution in a short term of time.

The deployment of SoftFaktor (the business name of the system used by the client AfortiFactor24) was preceded by deep analysis. The Coderion project team wspólnie together with specialists from the company elaborated in details product offer and key business processes such as communication with clients and accounting patterns.

The decisive factor in choosing the Coderion offer was a guarantee of cooperation with a professional and reliable business partner. Coderion has active deployments of the systems and a comprehensive offer created for factoring sector. Despite the wide scope of the project, four months have passed since the start of the analytical work to launch the production system. This met our business expectations - underlines Artur Malarczyk, CEO at Aforti Factor S.A.

The deployment of the system consisted of launching the Back-Office and Front-Office applications. The Back-Office application has been integrated with an external banking system and an internal accounting system of the Aforti Faktor. The Front-Office application has been adapted for visual identification key of Aforti Factor S.A.

Afortomierz allows us to achieve a competitive advantage thanks to the automation of the sales decision making process. This tool is flexible for our business thanks to the ability to define and modify saved business rules - adds Artur Malarczyk, CEO at Aforti Factor S.A.

SoftRisk - sales support and risk analysis for Idea Money S.A.


Idea Money S.A. from the beginning of its activity, it has been focused on providing factoring services for the micro and medium companies sector.

The goal of Idea Money was to create a unique product offer using the latest technologies

The challenge for Idea Money was to implement an IT system that, on the one hand, would cope with the challenges of the rapidly growing financial services sector, and on the other, it would shorten the time of selling services to the necessary minimum

Idea Money managers and Coderion specialists have created a solution that guarantees Idea Money a leading position in the financing offer for the micro sector. The solution allows to simplify and completely automate the process of concluding a factoring agreement.

A response to the business needs of Idea Money S.A. was the SoftRisk system (name used by the Company: Idea Money Analisys).The platform consists of two main elements: workflow module and rule engine (rule engine).
Workflow is a central repository of factoring applications together with a list of contractors. The factoring application is handled by users with different permissions like a salesman, a person that verifies application and enclose documentation and an analyst that gives the decision.
The implementation of the workflow module has shortened sales time thanks to automatically downloading and verifying customer data in external business databases and generating required documents in the system - points out Piotr Rogoziński, director of Projects and IT Department, Idea Money S.A.
Rule engine is a decision engine built based on business rules. Factoring applications and contractors in the factoring process are evaluated according to the current risk policy in the company.
The most difficult element in the factoring business is the appropriate assessment of the credibility of the client and client's contractors. Our rule engine allowed us to fully automate and unify the decision making process. Thanks to these changes it was possible for us to deliver Faktoring Online service. - adds Piotr Rogoziński, director of Projects and IT Department Idea Money S.A..


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