SoftFaktor - transactional factoring system


SoftFaktor is a solution created for financial institutions that offer factoring services.

The System consists of two integrated modules: the Back-Office module for employees to carry out accounting and billing tasks and the Front-Office Portal for final clients.

SoftFaktor system ensures a full support regarding factoring processes and services from creating a client file, agreement and documentation to factoring limit activation and invoice issuing. The System calculates fees and commissions automatically, create transfers, and settles the available factoring balance.

SoftFaktor can be used to operate the debt and non-recourse factoring in different currency and various product types.

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SoftRisk - sales support system


SoftRisk is a solution created for financial institutions that want to automate the assessment of the client's credibility in accordance with the risk policy. The System can be used to analyze factoring or loan applications, as well as to verify legal and economic condition of current clients.

The financial risk assessment of the client is based on information from the application form and online external business data bases.

The Analysis consists in verification of the given conditions from the risk policy of the company, calculating indicators (for example age, period of activity) and setting client's scoring.

The appointed score can determinate the value of the granted factoring limit or credibility.

SoftRisk is designed to support both sales and analysis department. The access to the information in the system, features and operations possible to perform depend on the permissions and roles of the user.

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24h support


Coderion provides for the clients 24h professional support services during implementation and development process and delivers project team with the factoring sector knowledge.

We understand how crucial for a financial sector company is well working software. That is why we also offer 24h system support.

Our support guarantees quick reaction and high quality level of SLA service.

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